Fun, Convenient Group Fitness Classes That’ll Easily Fit Into Your Busy Life.


Get motivated with the upbeat energy and camaraderie found in our group fitness classes.

At just 30 minutes, our classes will fit conveniently into your day, while still packing an effective punch!

All classes are limited to 10 people so our highly qualified trainers can be attentive to your individual needs. We’ll help you to modify exercises if you need to, check your form, and make sure you’re exercising safely to prevent injury.


Need something to get your heart rate up, strengthen muscles, and boost your mood? If so, our cardio-based boxing classes are made for you.

Using a combination of pad work, bag work, and bodyweight exercises, you’ll be punching your way to a fitter, stronger you in no time at all.


Short, sharp, and extremely effective - our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes focus on short bursts of intense exercise that alternates with active low-intensity recovery periods.

During the class, we’ll work with a variety of exercises ranging from machine, body weight, and free weights to elevate your heart rate and improve your fitness level.


Build strength, increase flexibility, and enhance stability with our weights-based strength session that’ll help you to tighten and tone.


How many times have you said you'd stretch after a workout and haven’t done it?!

Now you can! Stretch and release is a dedicated class to help you lengthen and loosen tight or tired muscles, in calm relaxing class.


Do you have a job where you sit regularly? Do you get lower back pain on a regular basis? Would you like to improve your posture?

If you answered yes to any of these, Bums and Tums is for you! We’ll focus on getting your glutes (bum) and core active again to support your lower back, and improve your posture.


With sessions spread throughout the week at different times, we’re confident there’ll be a slot to suit you.

Prefer To Exercise 1:1? Take A Look At Our Personal Training Options.

Health And Fitness For Busy Professionals

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