Take The Guesswork Out Of Reaching Your Fitness Goals With Our Down-To-Earth Personal Trainers.


Map out a clear pathway to your fitness goals with our talented personal trainers.

We’ll make you feel like you belong from the moment you set foot into our studio. We’re not here to push you so hard you limp out the door. We’re here to help you reach your goals in a safe, enjoyable way that works for you based on your current level of fitness, and injuries, or health conditions you may have.

In other words, we’re here to put you first and help you to build a positive life-long habit.


Reach your goals in a smart, efficient, and convenient way with the help of our talented personal trainers.

Each session will be varied with a blend of functional, strength-focused exercises and cardio workouts that target the specific parts of your body you want to strengthen or tone.

Whether you want to lose weight, add muscle, train for a specific event, or feel stronger and fitter, we are here to keep you on track to get there.

1:1 Personal Training Sessions Start At $65


Want to train with a friend or significant other so you can work towards a shared goal?

Then grab your partner and let’s get started. As with 1:1 personal training, our personal trainer will help you to get clear on your goals and develop a training programme that’s suitable to your individual needs. 

2:1 Sessions With A Personal Trainer Start At $90.

Goal-Setting Sessions

Setting fitness goals will drastically improve the likelihood that you’ll achieve the results you want. Book a goal-setting session to clarify what you want to achieve and by when, and we’ll map out a personalised training programme to get you there in a safe, efficient, and motivating way.

Nutrition Planning Sessions

When you’re kicking off a new fitness training programme the last thing you want is to be running on empty. We’ll help you to fuel your body with the right nutrition at the right time so you can boost your energy, support recovery, maximise performance, and keep hunger at bay.


Is Personal Training Worth The Cost?

If you’ve got a goal in mind, working with one of our personal trainers can help you to achieve that goal more quickly than training on your own without any support or guidance. Our personal trainers will:

Not Ready To Work With A Personal Trainer? Check Out Our Group Classes Instead.


While training with a personal trainer gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals (as well as being fun!), we get that you might be at a stage where you simply need access to tailored information and can manage your training schedule and stay motivated

➔     Maybe you’ve been training for a while and have hit a plateau…
➔     Or perhaps you’re a personal trainer with access to your own gym but want a fresh training and nutrition plan for yourself.

We’re here to help. Simply book The Right Fit Self-Starter Package and you’ll get:

  • A goal-setting session.

  • Nutrition plan.

  • Training plan.

  • Personal training session to run through your training plan and make sure you’re full of confidence to head off and put it into action!

Get Started With The Self-Starter Package For $399


Not only do we guarantee results but we guarantee you'll get there safely.

Follow your programme 100% for the first 8 weeks and in the unlikely event you do not achieve the agreed results, not only will we give you your money back but we will give you $500 for wasting your time!

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